Workshop “Requirements of the Lviv IT market to the competences of the Master of Information Systems” at Lviv Polytechnic National University (04.04.2017)


On the 04 of April, 2017 at Lviv Polytechnic National University was held the workshop “Requirements of the Lviv IT market to the competences of the Master in Information Systems” (speaker: Ivan Izonin, assistant professor of PIT ¬†department).

The meeting was attended by 15 people, including invited specialists in IT industry: vice-rector for research work of Lviv State University of Life Safety – Dr.Sci., Prof. Taras Rak, Senior Java Software Engineer at N-iX – Danylo Batyuk, QC Engineer at SoftServe – Alexander Pleshuk etc..

The workshop addressed the following issues:

  • features of the Lviv IT market;
  • main problems of the IT market in the region;
  • education opportunities for IT specialists at IS master program;
  • competencies expected to be received as the result of studying at Master program in Information Systems (based on the results of work with IT firms in Lviv: WebCodium, EXOFT, ArtBrain Software and others).

During the discussion, the invited experts emphasized the problems that are inherent in the region, including:

  • lack of skilled personnel;
  • lack of correspondence of competences acquired as the result of University training to the real needs of the business;
  • insufficient level of creativity in young employees.

All participants agreed that the proposed approach by MASTIS project working group to identify relevant business competencies for the development of new curriculum will provide the necessary level of training, which will significantly increase the competitiveness and demand of future specialists in IS specialty.


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