Workshop in Kristiansand, Norway. (University of Agder) under the MASTIS project. Presentation of the curriculum of the course “Information System Development and Deployment”


On November 28, 2017 the representatives of Igor Sikorsky KPI Team came out with report on the progress of the MASTIS (ESTABLISHING MODERN MASTER-LEVEL STUDIES IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS) project in the university. Tetyana Kovaliuk made the presentation of the program of the course “Information System Development and Deployment” (ISDAD). Igor Sikorsky KPI is responsible for this task. The team of Igor Sikorsky KPI included in the course’s program such questions as: Business Analysis of IS Requirements, IS Analysis, IS Development Methods, IS Design, Modern IS Development Approach, Usage of Vendor Solutions, DevOps Concepts in IS Development Process, Quality Assurance Fundamentals, Testing Process in IS, Server Infrastructure, Delivery and Deployment, Migration in IS, IS Support and Maintenance.

The discussion was held and recommendations were given on the content of the course ISDAD.

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