Vinnytsia National Technical University will cooperate with the Vinnytsia City Council in the international project MASTIS of program ERASMUS +


The Faculty of Computer Systems and Automatics of Vinnytsia National Technical University (VNTU) will collaborate with the executive committee of the Vinnytsia City Council on the results implementation and dissemination of the international project MASTIS which funded by the European program ERASMUS +.

The agreement on cooperation was signed on July 17 by the rector of the VNTU Volodymyr Grabko and the deputy mayor of Vinnytsia, Vladislav Skalsky.

The international European consortium of education Project ERASMUS + Capacity Building in the Higher Education “Establishing Modern Master-Level Studies in Information Systems” (MASTIS), 561592-EPP-1-2015-1-FR-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP, was created in 2015. The thirty partners of the project included the leading universities of France, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Montenegro, six Ukrainian universities – in particular VNTU, as well as the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine and representatives of the most well-known national and European associations in the field of information technology.

The main aim of the project is to improve the master’s program in the field of information systems in accordance with the needs of modern society, to enable Ukrainian universities to be closer to the changes in the world labor market and educational space and to respond quickly to the needs of employers, as well as to provide the students to be closer to the profiles of typical jobs in the field of information systems for the purpose of their effective employment. The working group of the MASTIS project from VNTU, headed by the dean of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Automatics, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Oleg Bisikalo, conducted the necessary preparatory work within the framework of the tasks and planned activities of MASTIS. This enabled from September 2017 to begin the preparation of masters in the “Information Systems and Internet of Things” specialization within the framework of the 151 specialty – Automation and computer-integrated technologies, which licensed on the faculty.

The peculiarity of the experimental Master’s program is its full compliance with modern European standards for information systems, which will really ensure student mobility in accordance with the main aim of the European Union program ERASMUS +. In particular, for the first time in VNTU, eight 5-credit courses are included into the Master’s degree program:

  1. Information System Development and Deployment;
  2. Information Technology Infrastructure;
  3. Enterprise Architecture Management;
  4. MIS and Data Warehousing;
  5. Information System Security;
  6. Innovations and Entrepreneurship;
  7. Information System Strategy;
  8. Management of Information System Projects.

Important difference of the experimental program that promotes student mobility practically, is parallel teaching all courses in English and Ukrainian.

In accordance with the terms of the signed partnership agreement, the VNTU and the executive committee of the Vinnytsia City Council are obliged to cooperate in the field of educational, methodological, educational-methodological and research work, educational activities and mutual exchange of experience in order to implement and disseminate the results of the ERASMUS + MASTIS project. VNTU undertakes to take into account the functional tasks and requirements of the Vinnytsia territorial community in the field of information systems in developing the programs and curricula for the preparation of masters in frameworks of MASTIS project. The Executive Committee of the Vinnytsia City Council promotes the qualification increasing of the project MASTIS working group members, the VNTU scientific, pedagogical and engineering staff members due to their participation in community-based IT-projects, envisaging the organization of university students’ internship in the production conditions of the city’s information systems.The agreement on cooperation also provides for the joint organization of scientific conferences, hackathons, contests, start-ups and other useful for Vinnytsia events, mutual information and promotional support of the parties. The initiated partnership cooperation will definitely help to bring the educational proposals of Vinnytsia National Technical University closer to the real IT needs of Vinnytsia.

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