Presentation of the MASTIS project at INFOFEST 2017


In Montenegro, starting from 1994, every year, the Festival of Information Technology Achievements – INFOFEST ( is organized as selective thematic gathering which represents central ICT event in the region.

The program of INFOFEST includes exhibitions, panel discussions and presentations of latest trends and research in ICT. The International Association FERAM declared INFOFEST as one of ten most important ICT events in the Mediterranean while the Union of ICT Associations (JISA) awarded Organizers eight times, with the Discobolos prize for the best expert meeting in the region.

During 24th INFOFEST ( which was organized from from 24th to 30th September in Budva, University “Mediterranean” presented  MASTIS project.


INFOFEST 2017, Budva, Montenegro – Presentation of the MASTIS project

Number of ICT companies, Government institutions and Universities attended the MASTIS presentation during INFOFEST 2017. Participants were introduced to the main ideas of the MASTIS project, members of the project consortium and the ways of its implementation. The presentation outlined results of research and requiremet analysis  for defining competences for Master Study Degre Program . Presentation emphasized the importance of including a larger number of companies and connecting them with academic community, as well as motivating teachers, students and entrepreneurs to a lifelong learning through new concepts of education. The presentation led to productive discussion where participants asked questions.  Discussion concluded that MASTIS project and results of research about competences required by IT companies are very important for creation of Master Study programs in accordance to business needs.

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