Piloting of the MASTIS courses in Vinnytsia National Technical University


At Vinnytsia National Technical University, from February to June 2018, the training courses of the «Establishing Modern Master-level Studies in Information Systems» (MASTIS) project of the European Union program ERASMUS+ have been piloted.

The experimental programs are full compliance with modern European standards of the information systems (IS), that provide mobility of students according to the purpose of the European Union program ERASMUS + and project MASTIS. In particular, the program of Master training includes the following five-credit courses:

  • Information System Development and Deployment;
  • Information Technology Infrastructure;
  • Enterprise Architecture Management;
  • MIS and Data Warehousing;
  • Information System Security;
  • Innovations and Entrepreneurship;
  • Information System Strategy;
  • Management of Information System Projects.

The MASTIS courses were organized in training format. Training was based on modernized curriculum and combination of the lectures, laboratory works, analytical works, project and team working. Students have basic bachelor’s training in the different areas, for example in “System Engineering” or “Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies”. Most of students are working on part time in IT companies as trainees, juniors and some as middle. They have experience in IS. In this regard, the main goal of studying the courses is to systematize existing knowledge and study modern trends in IS’s of different types of enterprises. Students also develop proposals for enterprise improvement on the example chosen by the students. The enterprises are choosed by formed students teams from those on which they have practical experience.

To successfully use the information from a huge number of available sources, it needs to be evaluated and analyzed. The main emphasis in teaching is transferred from lectures to the implementation of short analytical tasks on the topics of the learning courses. Important difference of the experimental program that promotes student mobility practically, is parallel teaching all courses in English and Ukrainian. Master students will receive all study materials in both languages, but they will choose language in exams, tests and other monitoring activities.

The writing of analytical works is the most important form of this courses learning. The relative weight of analytical work and projects in assessing the results of studying the courses is about 40%.

The course was posted at the e-learning portal JetIQ of Vinnytsia National Technical University ( This portal is available for all Vinnytsia National Technical University students (to get access students use their personal logins and passwords). Students have access to records of assessment results by type of work. Access is personalized, as the student’s assessments are his personal data. Only the teacher and the student have access to them. In addition to the JetIQ system, information is exchanged via e-mail. A group has been created in Google-mail for the prompt exchange of messages.

Now first and second parts of the courses programs were completed. Final conclusions can be made after the courses are over, but in order to enhance the content, structure and mode of delivery of the MASTIS courses we should take into consideration the following preliminary recommendations:

  1. Considering that most students combine study and practical work in their specialty, it is advisable to reduce the amount of lecture course and increase the number of practical classes;
  2. Preparation of analytical materials on each topic and group discussion of them is the most effective method of teaching;
  3. The use of e-Learning tools has shown high efficiency.
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