Pedagogic workshop “Progressive educational technologies – disseminating lessons learned on MASTIS” at NTU KhPI (1-3 February, 2017)


1-3 February, 2017 at NTU KhPI took place XIV International methodological School-Seminar “Modern pedagogical technologies in education”. Under the programm, 2 February, 2017 was held pedagogical workshop entitled “Progressive educational technologies – disseminating lessons learned on MASTIS” (speaker Olga Cherednichenko, Аssociate professor of SEMIT department).

The workshop was attended by 51 people, including representatives of educational institutions not only from Kharkiv, but also from other cities of Ukraine.

Target set of pedagogical workshops:

  • Refer to modern teaching approaches at leading universities in Europe;
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and distance learning;
  • Explore the benefits of information technology and transformative methods of teaching in higher education;
  • Review the approach to develop educational and training programs as recommended by the consortium MASTIS;
  • Improve practical skills enhance the educational process for various teaching techniques.

As seen from the target set, at the workshop were considered peculiarities of distance learning, in the case of the University of Rome and Kaunas. The main stages of the development of educational program were identified on the methodology within the project MASTIS and focused on the adaptation of learning outcomes to labor market needs. Also the attention was given to alternative “non-informational” techniques of organizing educational process.

In addition, the participants workshops were conducted by the method practical problems Transformative Learning, on completion of which there was a discussion of the results.

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