Meeting with IT companies in Kharkiv: discussion of competencies of Master in Information Systems


August 5, 2016 held a meeting concerning the discussion of competence of graduates of the master program “Information systems” to be established by European project ERASMUS + MASTIS « Establishing Modern Master-level Studies in Information Systems 561592-EPP-1-2015-1- FR-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP».

The meeting was attended Oleksiy Radchenko, CEO of Raccoon Gang, chairman of the education committee of Kharkiv IT Cluster, Dmitry Zamura graduate S. Kuznets KhNUE, commercial director Agilites (member of the Kharkiv IT Cluster), Oleksiy Krut’ko, Director of HR and quality management of the company “1C-Rarus Kharkov”, heads of Softpro company Igor Golobrodskiy and Yuri Vytovskiy and professors from  S. Kuznets KhNUE and NTU “KPI”.

During the discussion it was determined that using various forms of data collection (including surveys, interviews and panel presentations), it is necessary create a better understanding of the expected competencies of graduates of the master’s program in information systems, including the relative importance of each level and expected competences.

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