Meeting with international stakeholders at University “Mediterranean”, Montenegro


The Faculty of Information Technologies (FIT) and the Italian company OmnitechIT signed an agreement on cooperation aimed at education and employment of primarily graduated students of FIT in the company’s representation in Montenegro. This is the first form of cooperation between the international IT company and the academic institution in Montenegro that enables talented graduated IT students, as well as experienced software and network engineers, to improve their knowledge and develop competences in a dynamic international environment while staying in Montenegro and contributing primarily to the development of domestic IT markets. OmnitechIT recognized the Faculty of Information Technologies as a partner for further cooperation in Montenegro, due to a specific curriculum that provides students with the acquisition of a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge in IT. In the framework of cooperation, joint research, projects and establishment of cooperation with other academic institutions, IT companies and other institutions are planned.

During meeting at Faculty of Information Technologies on 28th November, representatives of OmnitechIT company were introduced to  MASTIS project and Core Courses of Master Program in IS.

Stakeholders from OmnitechIT analzyed pre-final version of Core Courses and gave useful comments and suggestions for improvement. During discusion it was concluded that ability to be able to apply the acquired knowledge creatively using practical and transferable skills is demand for IT industry.

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