Meeting of MASTIS team with representatives of IT companies in Kharkiv


On the 15th of March, 2017  at the Academy Smart company took place a new meeting of NTU KPI MASTIS team  with representatives of IT companies.

The participants from NTU KhPI:

  • Mykhailo Godlevskyi – Professor, Head of SEMIT department, NTU “KhPI”
  • Volodymyr Sokol – Associate Professor, NTU “KhPI”
  • Olga Cherednichenko – Associate Professor, NTU “KhPI”

IT companies representatives:

  • Vladyslav Sokol – CEO, Academy Smart
  • Yan Berezin – Founder, First IT-Company
  • Ivan Perepelytsya – CTO, First IT-Company
  • Alex Vinogradov – CEO, Videal

During the meeting the questions were discussed relating to masters profiles and MASTIS, dual form of education, possible directions of cooperation, etc. As a result of the discussion, it was agreed to create a practice base for students, with their direct involvement in the internal IT projects and full supervising of trainee students. This type of cooperation will provide an opportunity to organize such practice for students, which will be as close as possible to real work in IT companies, help them to form correctly their resume, get a preliminary assessment of their knowledge and abilities, as well as help determine the direction of further development of their skills.

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