Meeting Lviv Mastis Team with representatives of IT companies of Lviv region (30.01.2017)


On January 30, 2017, the first working meeting for the development of a Master’s Program in Information Systems was held at the office of Exoft IT Company. (speakers from Lviv MASTIS team – Ivan Izonin, representatives of Exoft – co-founders and owners of the company, chief technology officer – Ivan Shikht and chief executive officer – Oleg Maykher.

In In the process of work, the owners of Exoft familiarized themselves with the main goals and objectives of the MASTIS project, the methodology for its development, and selected the most sought-after competencies for the future master in Information Systems. In addition, Oleg Maykher and Ivan Shikht shared their own experiences in evaluating their employees. The mechanism of such an assessment also involves the use of a set of competencies, which should meet the applicant for a position in one or another field.

The meeting was very productive, its results will affect the further implementation of the project, and the Lviv MASTIS team hopes for further joint cooperation in the direction of improving IT education in Ukraine.

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