IT Academy with the Technical University start a joint project – from April they will begin to train IT students


From April 2017 in Vinnytsia National Technical University and exactly on the faculty of computer systems and automation, educational project for students in cooperation with the MASTIS, funded by the European program ERASMUS +, will be launched jointly with the IT Academy. Cooperation Agreement was signed on 6th March, 2017.

At the university student gets basic knowledge, but the real IT industry requires specific practical skills. Business is not interested to invest heavily in education and reeducation of staff, but needs specialists who possess specific competencies to solve practical problems. The joint project aims to ensure all of the students who take part in it, have become such experts. Education for the students will be free but they get practical skills aimed at regional companies with further employment. According to director of Vinnytsia IT Academy Roman Melnyk, after graduation for years man is looking for experience of a specialist of such level, which will be immediately employed on a specific position with adequate payment.

In cooperation with specialists from the IT Academy and teachers of faculty of computer systems and automation from Vinnitsa National Technical University within the task 2.3 Modernize Techaching Approaches of Erasmus+ program, MASTIS Project it is planned to develop and upgrade training programs for special professional training courses for IT-specialists.

In our project we are maximum grip this moment in time, including using our own projects, experience of known specialists-practitioners – says Roman Melnyk. – Our theory is backed up by practice, and practice – by real projects.

Oleg-BisikaloOleg Bisikalo, Doctor of engineering sciences, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation: – The idea of cooperation of the University, including the Faculty of Computer Systems and automation with IT Academy emerged when at the Department of Metrology and Industrial Automation signed a contract with the corporation on the establishment of a branch of the department and the involvement of our faculty and students to the production needs of media corporations. Indeed, many students require more training (particularly practical) in excess of what lies in our curriculum. Very useful and interesting experience in this regard is in the IT Academy, which works for individual learning paths and prepares all its students for productive activities. Currently, the department creates the first group that has to begin training in a couple of weeks. And then it will be implemented for all of our University.

How does this happen? According to the dean, groups of students will be recruited already. But first, they will be tested, specialists will work with them and tell in which direction to move. IT is very broad scope and be a programmer – is the highlight, but not too many people can be a high grade programmer, – says Oleg Bisikalo. – But everyone in this approach to learning will find their place. If not, the students during the study at a 3-4 course has to find themselves more work and perform the same actions, which would then allow him to find a job. In this case it is done professionally and as shown – very effectively.

Roman-MelnykRoman Melnyk, director of Vinnytsia IT Academy: – This is the area of information technology – a programming, software testing, web design and such a modern direction as DevOps, which combines information technology services – system administration, web hosting support , IT project management, and more. Here in these key areas, we will prepare students for real-life production. Technical University for its part will provide a fundamental basis, and we – industrial, technological skills, and further narrow specialization in a particular direction.


Pavlo-KulakovPavlo Kulakov, Doctor of engineering sciences, Professor of Department of metrology and industrial automation: – IT industry is developing very quickly, and technologies are changing very quickly. If, for example, IT Specialist did not work for year, he can lose 90% of his qualification. What is the current lack of IT education in traditional institutions? Teachers, for the most part do not work in real IT business and, unfortunately, for a large number of reasons can not always keep track of all the changes in this sector. Vinnitsa IT Academy has such teachers who work in IT companies, have a great experience, and possess modern knowledge. Our students gain basic knowledge, beginning from mathematics, probability theory, mathematical statistics, a number of professional disciplines, plus the basic concepts of IT technologies. A professional direction, involving work in real projects, integrating learning with production – it will be provided by the IT Academy. I want to note that at present well-known companies with a worldwide reputation, such as Motorola, Microsoft and others in hiring in some IT positions do not require the applicant having classical university diploma. First of all interview results and quality of tests are considered. Hence, the main criterion is the practical skills of the applicant. This is a global trend, and that’s why we plan to introduce the same advanced modern technology education at our faculty.

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