Interview of Kherson employers


Employers of leading IT companies and IT departments in Kherson (Ukraine) were interviewed by WP 2 leader Vitalii Kobets during December, 2016.

These employers are collaborating with the academic sector (Chair of Informatics, Software Engineering and Economic Cybernetics of Kherson State University) to improve the preparation of graduates for master’s programs in international project “Establishing Modern Master-level Studies in Information Systems 561592-EPP-1-2015-1- FR-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP”

Large IT companies

International IT company DataArt, presented in Kherson with development center DataArt headed by general manager Dmitriy Schedrolosyev gave their recommendations about preparation of graduate of IT specialties. Taking into account the extraordinary dynamics in IT field, it is necessary periodically to revise curriculum each mid-term but not once a year. For teaching of these courses Dmitriy Schedrolosyev offers to invite IT professionals of advanced technologies from IT business, create joint study plan and teach them both in classrooms of universities and offices of IT companies. Now IT companies most requires such specialists as project managers, QA, business analytics, and most demanded programming languages are Python and Ruby. Specialized IT training organized by DataArt, allow to attract highly motivated students to QA and IT schools. In particular, from 25 students in 2016, 20 people were able to work in the company DataArt.

Activity diversification of DataArt generates necessity of following competences: responding to and managing IS problems, implementing and managing quality audit processes, selecting and using appropriate analytics methods, making a financial case for IS, managing IS development projects, innovating by exploiting an emerging method or technology.

Small business

Service support and maintenance of computer equipment is a mandatory component for the successful operation of modern business for e-commerce. Chief officer of service center of company LAPEK Sergey Laktionov offered to include for elective courses studying of 3D printers and 3D scanners. The modern discipline of the study of robotics necessarily involves working with 3D-printers and 3D scanners, constructor Arduino.

Chief officer of service center pointed out that competences of high significance for master program in IS are understanding where and how to monitor the technology environment and managing system recovery.

Medium business

Agency of system Internet solutions WEZOM implement CRM-system to work with clients, carry out master classes, conferences and training courses for their employees, regardless of their level of higher education. WEZOM values universality of personnel who capable rapidly modernize under the influence of customer requirements. The company also holds a two-month practice for new employees who are studying in depth such technologies as HTML 5.0, iOS, Android.

After interview with PR manager of WEZOM we concluded that most preferred preferences for alumni of master program in information systems are designing and managing sustainable IT operations, selecting and using appropriate analytics methods, making a financial case for IS.

Financial sector

General Manager of Kherson office of PrivatBank Vladimir Chechetkin said that the headquarters of PrivatBank centrally sets all the necessary IT services for customers, improves and provides specifications for Internet Bank Privat24 based on Linux. Psychological test Midot and 12 required courses per year (one course per month) are mandatory for employees, efficiency of which is measured by KPI and information about which is freely available via e-services for other employees. if there is no positive tendency bank propose 10% of employees with the lowest KPI to move to a position which requires a lower level of competences or change job. Constant and continuous training of employees is purposeful strategy of Privatbank.

Staff recruitment manager of Raiffeisen Bank Aval (Kherson branch) Vira Kraynyukova noted that the current banking industry needs specialists able to implement CRM-systems (strategy of automation and standardization of customer interaction, optimization of business processes and introduction of LEAN processes to eliminate actions that do not create additional value for the customer). According to the analyst of the bank, the most requested programming languages are JavaScript and PHP, such skills as Oracle DataBase, SQL.

From the point of view staff recruitment manager the most important competences for future graduates of master program in information system are understanding enterprise architecture (EA) principles and the value it provides to businesses, communicating and deploying an EA, analyzing and documenting business activities, integrating and preparing data captured from various sources for analytical use.

Company Avtoplaneta

The staff of Car Company includes about 30% of students who get in the company their first job. 1C Accounting Information Systems, CRM-system are the most requested for the company. The presence of a significant number of offices facilitates decentralization of the company and integration into different blocks of 1C accounting analytics, accounting, marketing, CRM-module etc. On the material and technical basis of “Avtoplaneta” students form both theoretical and practical competencies (sales management, supply chain, contracting, digital marketing) to work with clients.

Among all competences personnel director of company indicated that most important competences are implementing relevant IT governance frameworks within the organization based on strategic guidance, managing IS/IT projects and programs, conducting IS strategic analysis, planning for and improving sustainability.


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