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Our Department News has informed that leading scientists of the Department of Computer Control Systems of Vinnytsia National Technical University involved  in an International Project MASTIS of the European scientific community (Erasmus +) work at elaboration  of common standards for Masters in information systems training programs.

Current stage of MASTIS is devoted to the study of new methodological developments in the field of information systems and technology from European universities – partners.

From 14 to 17 February at the Technological University of Lulea (Luleå University of Technology), Sweden, methodological seminar on pedagogical aspects of formation of Masters of Information Systems was held within the frame of the project, it was attended by the Dean of the Department of Computer Control Systems of Vinnytsia National Technical University, Professor O.Bisikalo and Professor S.Dovgalets. Almost Arctic (by some hundred kilometers north of the Arctic Circle) University made a strong impression on the Ukrainian partners both regarding the latest equipment built on the basis of up-premises and hot creative atmosphere of  teachers hearts.

The main issues discussed at the seminar, concerned the methods of integration training programs for Masters in information systems around the EU and Ukraine on a single standard that would summarize the best teaching experience, and really provide the mobility of students.

In particular, Professor Tero Paayvarinta (Tero Päivärinta) Lulea University of Technology invited interested in cooperation, emphasizing his extensive experience in university topical issues of information security.

Link to pedagogical resources at LTU, which include the “Dialog Canvas” about PhD education that was laying around in the room

Link to Peter Parnes site (and presentation of Virtual Learning Environments)

Link to paper on Flipped Classroom Experiences by Håkan Jonsson

The participation of our scientists in the project MASTIS once again confirms the interest of the European scientific community for cooperation and cultural and professional exchange.


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